Brave Cities will help you forge a kingdom ecosystem.

We’re looking for the artists, the city builders, the frontier edge of the new ancient church. The alternative has to be built, and it starts with you.

The Brave Cities book is three years in the making and we can't wait to share it with you, starting in February 2024. Learn all about Brave Cities and how things are changing, for the better.

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See what Brave Cities do and how we can help you.

As leaders have found us we’ve put together a simple offering of how we can facilitate learning and practice in Brave City construction.

How We Help You

Personalized Coaching

Receive access to our Brave Cities mentors, ask questions, and get answers that inspire and apply to you and your context.

Online Community

Join a 6 week introductory learning community or an intensive 6 month learning community where we discuss and apply Brave Cities principles.

On-Site Immersions

Invite us to your city for a full or half day, individual or team-based Brave Cities training, and learn how these principles can work for you.


Be brave and invest in us.

If you are growing tired of just giving your money to a local church that has lost vision or any viable way to reach into the culture and you prefer to reallocate funds to entrepreneurial apostolic leaders who are committed to the brave city ideology and practice please join us and invest here.